Pressing the Word from HIM to YOU through me : Wordpress :)


Thank you for taking the time to plunder through my blog! I hope while you are reading this that you will be inspired to share this with others, and they too may stay in the word with us.

My main focus for  this blog (at this point) is to get a Proverb a day in the month of May out to my social media outlets. I understand people would rather stay on the computer, facebook & twitter rather than picking up the Bible, so I’m helping you out 🙂

Once I’m finished at the end of May I will rearange some things on here so I (we) can move on to other topics – maybe the new Beth Moore Series the womens Bible study is doing, or maybe something from the past Bible study.Who knows you may just catch a few interesting tidbits from me. I look forward to this venture and God Bless.




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